Live in Boulder

by David Rovics

We want a safer country And it’s in God we trust So we’ll bomb you during Ramadan Turn your world into dust But pull up on your bootstraps And stand on your own two feet While we blow them off with cluster bombs Disguised as something to eat We stand for freedom And prosperity So we’ll bomb your schools and hospitals And make sure you live in misery All you evildoers And your children and your wives With our B-52’s we’ll show you How we value civilian lives Give us your hungry, your restless We’ll show you democracy A military trial Or detention indefinitely We’ll have homeland security Thomas Ridge all hail We may not find the terrorists But we can throw the left in jail And we will all be safe And we shall have no fears Once our retinas have been scanned And all the walls have ears And we’re all in good hands When the FBI is in the know We’re sure they’ll look after us Just like they did with COINTELPRO So hang a flag in the window And all hail to the chief Follow the leader And suspend your disbelief Our country right or wrong You know what to do Sing God bless America Oh that red, white and blue When facing anyone with boxcutters We’ll say put up your dukes As we spend fifty billion On bombers and nukes We’re a beacon of light And just to make the point We’ll cut taxes on the rich And throw the poor into the joint Yes we’ll bail out the airlines Put on your green fedoras And for all the laid-off workers We’ve got maquiladoras Yes capitalism will save us For have you ever seen a More convincing proof Than Enron and Argentina Chorus The Axis of Evil We’ll bomb ’em down the skids There’ll be no more terrorists Once we kill their kids People may starve And economies may crumble But those folks’ll just Have to learn to be more humble And give us your money Debt repayments with aplomb While we scour the map For some targets left to bomb And as another city falls Upon our sacred American soil At least we got our Daisy Cutters And that Alaskan oil Chorus
We’ve got a situation and it calls for a solution That upholds our domination of the planet We’re gonna make our case and we’re gonna make it well But if you don’t like our logic you can can it We’ll use impeccable intelligence from any country in the world As long as we all see eye to eye And if we don’t find quite what we need we know what to do Just look into the camera and lie ‘Cause it’s Operation Iraqi Liberation Tell me, what does that spell Operation Iraqi Liberation O – I – L And we’ll lie about the missiles and the nuclear research We’ll lie about uranium We’ll build military bases and smile for reporters As we give away bubble gum And we’ll lie about bin Laden and his connections with the Saudis And we’ll lie about 9-1-1 And we’ll lie about the Baathists and their connections to Al Qaeda Because we know there’s none Chorus And we’ll lie about the North Koreans and we’ll lie about Iran And don’t mention Israel Keep those nuclear weapons out of this song And it will all hold together swell And now we’ll liberate these people, we’ll liberate their money We’ll liberate their soil We’ll liberate their airports, we’ll liberate their harbors And we’ll liberate their oil Chorus
I lost my job and joined the army To get an education And I most surely did Wanted to have some kinda steady job Lead a decent life Support me and my wife and kid First I was based in Texas Then it was off to Germany Then they sent us to Iraq So many ruined buildings So many burned up bodies Twisted railroad track We were sent off to Falluja Told to keep the peace Amidst such hunger and despair I was just nineteen I didn’t have a clue What we were doing there Now they say the war is over And I’m back at home Here in the land of the free And you’re looking at the face of victory Patrolling thru Falluja Driving on the rubble Shattered pavement and shattered glass They sent us on the search for weapons We looked in every basement Never found a single barrel of gas And when we saw the cities looted While we watched the oil pipelines It all began to seem so clear We were fighting for Exxon And dying for Chevron That’s what we were doing here They told us we’d be welcomed As troops of liberation And once again they lied We got shot at every day Everywhere we went A bunch of my buddies died A rocket launcher hit my tank Started up a fire Blew my legs right off of me And now you’re looking at the face of victory They sent me back to Michigan Put some plastic on my stumps Sent me on my way And now I roll on down the city streets Looking at the people While they turn their eyes away Down at the Burren They were talking about the government And how it’s all a ruse And I get a little madder Every time I see the president Smirking on the evening news And I think of how they duped me And so many more good people And I think of the price we paid The rich keep getting richer And the bastards are already scheming About the next nation they want us to invade And I just keep on thinking About this situation I think of Oklahoma City Yeah, you’re looking at the face of victory
Standing here on a highway Turned into a lake Born on this planet That I didn’t make The ice caps are melting You can measure the rise Of the poisoned oceans Hear all the lies Of the political pundits And corporate crooks Their accountants and scientists Cooking the books With hardly an inkling Of what it’s about Wedded to profit In flood and in drought I’m talking to you from here at the end of the world Standing here on the bayou Amidst mountains of soil Washed off from the farmland And covered in oil One ton every acre Lost every year And along with the pesticides It ends up right here Millions of miles Of chemical wheat Challenging all To try to compete And lay waste to your country Like we’ve done to ours Let them eat coffee Sugar, coca and flowers I’m talking to you from here at the end of the world And here in the city Shrouded in smoke Ten million people This morning awoke To a future of cancer Industrial disease So let’s build some more suburbs And buy SUV’s Let’s cut down the mountains And burn all the coal And put all the money In a humungous bowl They’ll call it progress And they’ll blame it on you To end life as we know it To enrich the few I’m talking to you from here at the end of the world Yes I speak to you now From an occupied place You might call it your home Or a terrorist base They’ll send your sons and your daughters To make sure that it’s theirs While they sit in their mansions On their plush leather chairs And everyone’s waiting For us to decide From dust we were born And in dust we reside Will we realize the commons Is to shepherd and share Here in this war zone Called land, water and air I’m talking to you from here at the end of the world
Alex is a member of my record label Teenager though he is He joined the Ever Reviled Records collective And the indy music biz Well his parents didn’t like such turns of events So they sent off a couple of thugs To bring him back to Utah, lock him up And pump him full of drugs They say he’s got problems with authority Yes this is what they claim And their psychiatric analysis Has even got a name Oppositional Defiant Disorder I think I got it, too Oppositional Defiant Disorder He’s sick and so are you If you think the average politician Is a scoundrel and a liar If you fantasize about setting Your local Wal-Mart on fire If you don’t like Wolf Blitzer And you think he’s full of it And you feel that a Rush Limbaugh punching bag Might be kinda fun to hit If bombing other countries Makes you feel appalled You have got a problem And this is what it’s called Chorus If you think school is boring And your teacher is a fool If you don’t like your congressman And you called him a corporate tool If you were not standing To sing save the Queen If you turned down hamburgers And ate rice and beans We’ve got a diagnosis No matter whether you agree Just do what the doctors tell you And thank God for psychiatry Chorus
I’ve seen you in the markets I’ve seen you in the streets And at your political convention Talking of your crusade Talking of your nation And other things too terrible to mention And you proclaim your Christianity You proclaim your love of God You talk of apple pie and mom Well I’ve just got one question And I want an answer Tell me, who would Jesus bomb? Maybe Jesus would bomb the Syrians ‘Cause they’re not Jews like him Maybe Jesus would bomb the Afghans On some kind of vengeful whim Maybe Jesus would drive an M1 tank And he would shoot Saddam Tell me, who would Jesus bomb? I’ve seen you on the TV And on the battleships I’ve seen you in the house upon the hill And I’ve heard you talking About making the world safer And about all the men you have to kill And you speak so glibly About your civilization And how you have the moral higher ground While halfway around the world Your explosives smash the buildings Ah, if you could only hear the sound But maybe Jesus would sell land mines And turn on his electric chair Maybe Jesus would show no compassion For his enemies in the lands way over there Maybe Jesus would have flown the planes That killed the kids in Viet Nam Who would Jesus bomb? Yes I hear you shout with confidence As you praise the lord And you talk about this God you know so well And you talk of Armageddon And your final victory When all the evil forces go to hell Well you’d best hope you’ve chosen wisely On the right side of the lord And when you die your conscience it is clear You’d best hope that your atom bombs Are better than the sword At the time when your reckoning is here ‘Cause I don’t think Jesus would send gunships into Bethlehem Or jets to raze the towns of Timorese I don’t think Jesus would lend money to dictators Or drive those SUV’s And I don’t think Jesus would ever have dropped A single ounce of napalm Who would Jesus bomb?
I was born a refugee And I don’t know if I’ll ever see The old farmhouse I’ve heard about But it’s where I belong, there is no doubt ‘Cause my whole family is from that farm And we never did nobody harm And if you’re confused by what you’ve heard Let me boil it down to a single word I wanna go home (3x) And I have heard my grandpa say That on the street most every day The neighbors’ kids would kick a ball With my dad when he was small We were Christians, they were Jews But it was no big deal, religious views So it was strange when at the point of a gun Across the river we had to run I wanna go home (3x) We had dabkeh, we had songs And we all knew where we belonged We grew crops, life was good There in the land where Jesus stood Now we’re scattered everywhere But there’s no peace anywhere I’m just searching for some kind of sign For some way back to Palestine I wanna go home (3x)
Coke came to Colombia Seeking lower wages They got just what they came for But as we turn the pages We find the workers didn’t like the sound Of their children’s hungry cries So they said we’ll join the union And they began to organize So Coke called up a terrorist group Called the AUC They said “we’ve got some problems At the factory” So these thugs went to the plant Killed two union men Told the rest, “you leave the union Or we’ll be back again” Now Coke did not complain About this dirty deed Why give workers higher wages When Coke is all they really need They phoned the AUC Said “thanks, without you we’d go broke And to show our appreciation Here’s one hundred cases of Coke” The baby drinks it in his bottle When the water ain’t no good The dog drinks it But he don’t know if he should Some folks say It’s the nectar of the Gods But Coke is the drink of the Death Squads Well the workers wouldn’t take This situation lying down Some went up to Georgia Said “look what’s happened to our town You American workers got downsized And as for us we just get shot And those of us who survive Our teeth begin to rot” Chorus Well now that’s the situation What are you gonna do ‘Cause death squads run Colombia And they’re paid by me and you We can let Coke run the world And see what future that will bring Or we can drink juice and smash the state Now that’s the real thing Chorus
My name is John Riley I’ll have your ear only a while I left my dear home in Ireland It was death, starvation or exile And when I got to America It was my duty to go Enter the Army and slog across Texas To join in the war against Mexico It was there in the pueblos and hillsides That I saw the mistake I had made Part of a conquering army With the morals of a bayonet blade So in the midst of these poor, dying Catholics Screaming children, the burning stench of it all Myself and two hundred Irishmen Decided to rise to the call From Dublin City to San Diego We witnessed freedom denied So we formed the Saint Patrick Battalion And we fought on the Mexican side We marched ‘neath the green flag of Saint Patrick Emblazoned with “Erin Go Bragh” Bright with the harp and the shamrock And “Libertad para la Republica” Just fifty years after Wolf Tone Five thousand miles away The Yanks called us a Legion of Strangers And they can talk as they may Chorus We fought them in Matamoros While their volunteers were raping the nuns In Monterey and Cerro Gordo We fought on as Ireland’s sons We were the red-headed fighters for freedom Amidst these brown-skinned women and men Side by side we fought against tyranny And I daresay we’d do it again Chorus We fought them in five major battles Churobusco was the last Overwhelmed by the cannons from Boston We fell after each mortar blast Most of us died on that hillside In the service of the Mexican state So far from our occupied homeland We were heroes and victims of fate Chorus
When she sat down in the dirt In front of your machine A lovely woman dressed in orange You in military green If you had met her in Jerusalem You might have asked her on a date But here you were in Gaza Rolling towards the gate As your foot went to the floor Did you recall her eyes Did her gaze remind you That you’ve become what you despise As you rolled on towards this woman And ignored all the shouts to stop Did you feel a shred of doubt As you watched her body drop And as your Caterpillar tracks Upon her body pressed With twenty tons of deadly force Crushed the bones within her chest Could you feel the contours of her face As you took her life away Did you serve your country well On that cool spring day And when you went back across the Green Line Back to the open shore Did you think that this was just another day In a dirty war And when you looked out on the water Did you feel an empty void Or was it just one more life you’ve taken One more home destroyed
It was a time I’ll always remember Because I could never forget How reality fell down around us Like some Western movie set And once the dust all settled The sun shone so bright And a great calm took over us Like it was all gonna be alright That’s how it felt to be alive After the revolution From Groton to Tacoma On many a factory floor The workers talked of solidarity And refused to build weapons of war No more will we make missiles We’re gonna do something different And for the first time Their children were proud of their parents And somewhere in Gaza a little boy smiled and cried After the revolution Prison doors swung open And mothers hugged their sons The Liberty Bell was ringing When the cops put down their guns A million innocent people Lit up in the springtime air And Mumia and Leonard and Sarah Jane Olson Took a walk in Tompkins Square And they talked about what they’d do now After the revolution The debts were all forgiven In all the neo-colonies And the soldiers left their bases Went back to their families And a non-aggression treaty Was signed with every sovereign state And all the terrorist groups disbanded With no empire left to hate And they all started planting olive trees After the revolution George Bush and Henry Kissinger Were sent off to the World Court Their plans for global domination Were pre-emptively cut short Their weapons of mass destruction Were inspected and destroyed The battleships were dismantled Never again to be deployed And the world breathed a sigh of relief After the revolution Solar panels were on the rooftops Trains upon the tracks Organic food was in the markets No GMO’s upon the racks And all the billionaires Had to learn how to share And Bill Gates was told to quit his whining When he said it wasn’t fair And his mansion became a collective farm After the revolution And all the political poets Couldn’t think of what to say So they all decided To live life for today I spent a few years catching up With all my friends and lovers Sleeping til eleven Home beneath the covers And I learned how to play the banjo After the revolution
1921 was the year Seems like yesterday to me Let me tell you about what happened then Back in the mine country We were fightin’ hard to build a union ‘Cause at forty cents a ton There was no way to feed a family When the minin’ day was done The strike had lasted for a year When they shot down Smilin’ Sid He was a lawman who stood up for us miners That’s the only crime he ever did A hundred miners locked up with no trial There in Mingo-town But the last straw came in Sharples When they gunned the women down We’re marchin’ on to Mingo Ten thousand men and countin’ Here in the hills of West Virginia At the Battle of Blair Mountain We shouted through the hillsides In every union hall We’re marchin’ on to Mingo Teach them a lesson, once and all We commandeered every freight train To the Kentucky line Took every car that crossed our path And all the guns and ammo we could find The union leaders tried to stop us Mother Jones told us to turn back But we had learned ourselves from the gun thugs There’s a time to talk and a time to attack We had no leader, we didn’t need one We all knew the way through Logan County And we all knew once we got there We’re gonna hang Sheriff Chapin from a sour apple tree Chorus For three days and nights we fought them The front was ten miles wide All the cops and scabs in West Virginia Were there on the other side They dropped explosives from their airplanes Such a thing you never saw They shot us with machine guns It was the operator’s law We dug trenches and wore helmets That we brought from the Argonne All the way from France to Logan We fought from dusk to dawn President Harding sent in the Army And we left our line to them But the hills of West Virginia Will long remember when Chorus
I was young once It was a long time ago Things were different then I thought that you should know This old building Was once a factory We made Stetsons Your grandpa and me It wasn’t easy but at least Life was going down There used to be a city in this town This rusted railyard Had a hotel and a couple of stores We had good times here Between the wars It wasn’t paradise But there was music in the street Right there is where your grandparents First had a chance to meet They got married in that church I can still see her wedding gown There used to be a city in this town When the change came It started one by one First the layoffs Then the factory was gone Then came the highways The suburbs and Wal-Mart That was the final blow That tore this place apart But it seems like just last year When there were people all around There used to be a city in this town The census says there’s people here But I think someone’s confused Just look out at these sidewalks They’re not being used You know when a city dies It doesn’t die with grace It just becomes a ruin Shouting this was once the place Guess it’s time to leave But I don’t know where I’d be bound There used to be a city in this town
Everybody’s getting cancer At a geometrical rate Maybe it’s something you drank or breathed Maybe it’s something you ate Perhaps this doesn’t concern you Hey, we’ve all gotta go sometime But maybe I can tell you something To make you change your mind The alligator dicks are shriveling up Soon they’ll all be through Yeah, the alligator dicks are shrinking fast And it will happen to you It will happen to you, boys It will happen to you the alligator dicks are shriveling up And it will happen to you They’re an indicator species Like canaries in the mine They’re the first to kick the bucket When things might otherwise seem fine So let’s be frank and honest As the situation begs Boys, what are you gonna do About that thing between your legs Chorus I’m not beating around the bush I’m making you a promise Say goodbye to Long Dong Silver Hello to Tiny Thomas You can forget about Viagra Boys, what I mean is It’s all a matter of minutiae When you’ve got a half-inch penis Chorus PCBs in the water Pesticides in the ground Radiation in the wind There’s poison all around So if you care about your love life And that good old whoop-dee-doo We’ve got to stop pollution, boys That’s what i’m telling you Chorus
Hiroshima 05:21
Ten thousand children played in the playground Swinging on the swings, didn’t hear the sound Of the single plane that flew overhead The third shift workers were just going to bed There was a flash of light and a rumbling noise And gone in an instant — parents, girls and boys Ten thousand mothers were boiling rice A thousand POW’s were rolling dice Hoping they’d survive this terrible storm When each young man in his uniform Vanished in the air in the blink of an eye One moment they lived, the next they all die Hiroshima, Hiroshima Ten thousand chickens were sitting on eggs Heads in their wings, resting their legs Ten thousand farmers were looking at their fields Planning the harvest, guessing at yields Dreaming of life after the war The next second they weren’t living no more Hiroshima, Hiroshima Ten thousand lovers made lover to each other Each one of them thinking they might not get another Living so long with death everywhere Much more than one person alone can bear But there wasn’t time for a final kiss Who could’ve known it would end like this Hiroshima, Hiroshima A hundred thousand people were living their lives Grandparents, children, fathers and wives Now they’re just shadows on the street In such a quick burst of incredible heat Now listen to them talk about doing it again From whence came the souls of these terrible men Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Well I pulled up there at the gate Had to come and keep a date With ten thousand of my friends Here to right some wrongs and make amends Folks came in buses, bikes and cars With voices, fiddles and guitars And all kinds of people, shapes and styles Burned those frequent flyer miles First thing I see’s a singing nun At the frisky age of 91 She’s here fresh out of jail Told the judge “I ain’t got no bail “I’m bearing witness right here and now ‘Cause we’ve got to change the world somehow So with you all right here I pray WE’LL SHUT DOWN THE SOA There’s this year’s crop from Oberlin And there’s the folks from Warren-Wilson But they’re not all eighteen to twenty-two They brought along their neighbors too There’s grandpa, baby, mom and dad An ARA kid, fighting mad What are we gonna do today? WE’LL SHUT DOWN THE SOA There’s some in pink, some in black There’s one wrapped in a coffee sack There’s t-shirts, stickers, pins and more Saying we don’t want your oil war There’s a labor lawyer from Walla Walla With some Mayan folks from Guatemala See, north and south the people say WE’LL SHUT DOWN THE SOA Pouring blood, crossing lines Holding crosses, making signs There’s priests and punks in groups and pairs Along with a gang in wheelchairs There’s Josh and Abi, Bill and Sue Charlie, Tao and you know who Giant puppets, paper mache Saying WE’LL SHUT DOWN THE SOA Yes, we’ll keep coming to this town Til this torture school’s shut down Then we’ll march as we intone You do not walk alone To the next symbol in our sights In the global fight for human rights But for now we’re here in this Georgia clay Saying WE’LL SHUT DOWN THE SOA
I’ll tell you what happened I was walking downtown Making something for May Day Pounding the ground Some kid pulled a trigger And then I was dead ‘Cause that’s what happens When a shotgun blows off your head I was just 24 Much too young to die My reason for living I didn’t know why I had no time to show What my life could be worth Now i’m just another Of all the ghosts that walk this earth Yes, I wander the world And I see all the others The dead and forsaken My sisters and brothers All of us wondering What are we doing here Just stuck on this planet Who knows how many years In Auschwitz or Baghdad It’s always the same Forgotten and restless No one calling their name I visit my old friends They make love and give birth While I’m just another Of all the ghosts that walk this earth And I wish I could show you All the places I’ve been Where the flowers grow wild Where the napalm meets skin I wish I could trade it And be back in my life Maybe we’d live in China Maybe you’d be my wife Maybe I would feel something Not just angry and sad Always just wishing For the life that I had But I just watch you and your lover In such glorious mirth For I’m just another Of all the ghosts that walk this earth
I wish I was up in Vancouver At the Cannabis Cafe Smoking good old sensemelia At the beginning of the day But here I am in New York City Hiding out in Central Park Getting kidnapped by the police Today sometime before dark Chorus The judge looked down upon me, frowning He said, “kid, get on your way “Just don’t start out your morning “With espresso and a j” Chorus I hitched a ride out to Portland Caught one up to B.C. Took a bus over to Hastings Street To have a bowl with my coffee Chorus
When I awoke one morning There was a feeling in the air Everything was quiet Things were different everywhere The Wobblies were back again With Joe Hill at the mike When all the minimum-wage workers went on strike There was no one flipping burgers All the grills were cold Onion rings were in their bags Fries were growing mold There were no baristas at Starbucks Asking, “how many shots would you like?” When all the minimum-wage workers went on strike There was no one pumping gasoline No one driving from town to town No one at the registers All the highways were shut down The cars were stuck in their garage Businessmen on bikes When all the minimum-wage workers went on strike The fruit was falling off the trees No one to load the trucks Corn was rotting on the stalk No farm hands to shuck The workfare workers were hanging at home Spending the day with their tykes When all the minimum-wage workers went on strike Yuppie parents were housebound Their nannies left the job Wal-Mart workers said enough Of our labor has been robbed The Foot Locker was locked up The boss had to take a hike When all the minimum-wage workers went on strike Repeat first verse
We shall fight them on the beaches We shall fight them on the shore They will bring us exploitation We’ll bring them their class war We’ll lock down to the gates As they’re spreading vicious lies They want to dominate the world And we see through their disguise If they’d have one big multinational With their corporate flag unfurled Searching everywhere For the lowest wages in the world Then we’ll have One Big Union From Melbourne to Prague to Seattle-town Wherever they may go We will shut them down We’ll shut them down, we’ll shut them down We will shut them down And CNN will spread the lies This is just how it’s gotta be Well they can have their CNN ‘Cause we got our IMC And we will tell the truth quite clearly Though they don’t want to hear it And they’ll try to stop our broadcasts ‘Cause the truth is that they fear it Chorus They want a world full of strip malls Plants grown by biotech As long as they get richer They just don’t give a heck But we don’t want their ecocide We want a world we can live in That’s why we’re here to stay And we’re not gonna give in Chorus And they’ll infiltrate us Provocateurs within our ranks And if they can’t divide us They’ll send in the tanks But we will stand together Pacifists and Zapatistas Workers, farmers, the indigenous Tree-huggers and baristas Chorus And we will build a new world Without the corporate elite And we will see the day Of their international defeat We’ll have self-determination And equality for all For what choice do we really have But to rise up and see them fall Chorus
When the rich man on the TV Said this world’s mine When he asked which side you’re on Told you to step in line When he gave his reasons For his war of conquest When he talked about your wallet Said it was in your interest Did you shrug your shoulders And do as you were told Hang a flag in your window And buy the goods that you were sold Or did you shut off his craven image And call the man a liar Did you strike a blow against the empire When they were rounding up your neighbors You know the ones with darker skin Clerks and teachers, engineers With names like Sami and Mazin When they were breaking down the doors And taking them away Holding them on secret charges Hidden from the light of day What did you tell their children When you had a chance to meet Could you look them in the eye Or did you walk past them on the street Could you say that you stood up When their lives were on the wire Did you strike a blow against the empire As the bombs were falling And the children lost their lives Lying broken on the pavement As the ambulance arrives As the soldiers opened fire With their heavy guns Could you hear the demonstrators hit the ground See how their red blood runs What were you doing In those fateful times Did you raise your voice Against these awful crimes Were you hiding in your bedroom When the situation was so dire Did you strike a blow against the empire And when the time had come And the Reich was at your door When the fascist state was here And they brought home the war When the Gestapo was in the city And they had really taken power When there was nothing left to do Here in the final hour Did you find a place to run to And hope to live a few more years When the slaughter was around you Did you cover up your ears Or did you set your sights Take your aim and fire Did you strike a blow against the empire
When the world has gone crazy And it’s all becoming clear When they’re gunning down our comrades And it seems the end is near As they’re loading up the launchers For the tear gas grenades We can take off our bandanas And kiss behind the barricades When it’s madness all around You can see this at a glance We will cry and we will sing And we will laugh and we will dance As they shout their marching orders Beneath the helicopter blades We will seize the moment For a kiss behind the barricades They will try to break our spirit And at times they may succeed But our love for the world Is stronger than their greed When the building is surrounded And hope begins to fade In my final hour A kiss behind the barricades As the movement grows There will be hills and bends But at the center of the struggle Are your lovers and your friends The more we hold each other up The less we can be swayed Here’s to love and solidarity And a kiss behind the barricades


Before I personally learned what to do with an audio file, any time someone recorded one of my live shows and handed me a CD or other piece of physical media with the recording on it, I would stick in the mail and send it to my friend John Fabiani in California, who would then upload the show beautifully to the main place where anyone ever uploaded such things, onto

As unbelievable as it may be, it is now 19 or 20 years after this show in Boulder, Colorado was recorded, and I'm just now getting around to seriously checking out the recording, along with the other 13 concerts John uploaded for me during the first few years of this century.

Of all the live recordings made of my shows back then that I did not turn into a live (or in some cases mostly live) album, this recording from a show that must have been sometime in late 2003 or early 2004 is especially good, both in terms of the quality of the sound and the engagement of the audience.

Listening to the show now, about two decades in the future, it feels like time travel. It's abundantly obvious to me, from both my demeanor as well as that of the audience, that this recording captures a moment in time when the movement against the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was at its peak, and was still feeling at least guardedly optimistic about our prospects for having an impact.


released August 3, 2023

John Fabiani uploaded the original recording to, which is probably why it wasn't lost a long time ago. If anyone in Boulder has any idea who actually made this recording at the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, please let me know, so I can credit them here!

I have no photos from that gig in Boulder, so I used a photo from another gig from around the same period, I think in Providence, Rhode Island. I don't remember who took the photo, but if anyone knows, please tell me!




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