Anarchist Jurisdiction

from Say Their Names by David Rovics



They're calling Portland, Seattle and New York City "anarchist jurisdictions." We anarchists in Portland, Seattle and New York City dearly wish this were the case.


Anarchist Jurisdiction

If this were an anarchist jurisdiction, as the president likes to say
Then Kendra James and Quanice Hayes would be alive today
They would not have been gunned down by a racist police force
Because we would have defunded it long ago, of course
Taken all that money to spend on things that people need
Not violent gangs of thugs in blue making people bleed

If this were an anarchist jurisdiction as the Attorney General tells
Then we would already have emptied all those prison cells
Housing the mentally ill and so many, many more
Who are only locked up for being sick or for being poor
Or for having been set up, or for crimes of poverty
There'd be none of that nonsense under our authority

If this were an anarchist jurisdiction, it would be a beautiful scene
With so much less asphalt, so much more green
And there would be no tear gas, no eviction raids
You'd see what solutions look like when they're not just band-aids
If the people ran this city, not just millionaires
We'd take the stolen profits, that which they call theirs

If this were an anarchist jurisdiction as the brownshirts oft repeat
You would not see these tents and couches lining every street
Without control by corporate interests that dominate our lives
Making sure that they have everything, while we're lucky to survive
It's profit over people, no matter how much blood they shed
If we were calling the shots then you'd turn that on its head

If this were an anarchist jurisdiction


from Say Their Names, released October 3, 2020




David Rovics Portland, Oregon

"Absolutely brilliant. David Rovics says exactly what needs to be said."
Ian McMillan, BBC

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