Christmas in a Tent

from by David Rovics



Santa Claus is actually a thorny religious conundrum for a parent to deal with. He is essentially sitting in for God. It's a very sensible thing for a kid to wonder, does Santa deliver presents to the homeless kids, too?


We wake up in the morning, get out of our warm bed
My daughter often asks me about something someone said
Often asking questions, why things are the way they are
Watching Portland passing by from the back seat of the car
As we drove across the bridge, saw the people underneath
She said “if they don't have a door, where do they put their wreath?”

I couldn't think of how to answer when she asked me if it's true
That Santa brings them presents, too

We always say hello to the people that we meet
Give a dollar to the man who asks can you spare something to eat
We marvel at the tree in the center of the city
“Look at all the lights,” she says, “so colorful and pretty
But those kids who live in tents, where do they put the cookie tray?
With a roof so thin, how can he land his sleigh?”


What if they've been good all year – what they were supposed to do, they did
What if they've been kind to all the other kids
What if they got good grades, A's on every test
Slept well through the night and let their parents rest
But where would they put their toys if they got them anyway
Maybe he could just give them a house on Christmas Day



from The Other Side, released August 31, 2015




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David Rovics Portland, Oregon

"Absolutely brilliant. David Rovics says exactly what needs to be said."
Ian McMillan, BBC


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