If I Had A Hammer

from by David Rovics



Ten million people with sledgehammers could change the world, for sure, if they took them onto the right military bases.


I watched it on the TV, machine guns
Fire towards the ground, I watched the people run
Helicopter gunship strafing the street
I watched them lining up the bodies in the Baghdad heat
They say these leaks had consequences, and I must agree
When I saw them fire on the children, it affected me
I thought what if I were wearing the other shoe
If I had a hammer, what would I do

I am just a person like anyone
I am just another mother's son
I have no special powers, I cannot fly
Not like that helicopter gunship up in the sky
Sending all those bullets all around
To the journalists and children on the ground
I am just one man, that's very true
But if I had a hammer, what would I do

Sometimes I try to wonder, why should I care
But then the answer seems so obvious – there are people down there
And right here in Queensland there's an Army base
And there's a helicopter gunship just sitting in place
There's a time for watching, there's a time to act
It's just gonna kill more children if it remains intact
I am just one person, but you are, too
If you had a hammer, what would you do


from Spies Are Reading My Blog, released November 4, 2013




David Rovics Portland, Oregon

"Absolutely brilliant. David Rovics says exactly what needs to be said."
Ian McMillan, BBC


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