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The latest scheme for world domination being led by the global corporate elite. A massive, secretive trade deal. Two of them, actually. The TPP is for the US and Asia (except for China, notably) and the TTIP is for the US and Europe (with the notable exception of Russia). They say the WTO is too democratic, so they need something new. (I'm not making this up.)


Free traders and traitors, bankers and thieves Are at it once again
WTO just didn't cut it So now there's no telling when
They'll pass this latest treaty From behind closed doors
And win another battle In the transnational class wars
They want Fast Track Authority So they can get the job done right
By which they mean no discussion Don't even pretend to put up a fight
As they take from us our government's Ability to regulate
What happens within the borders Of what they used to call the state

In what they used to call democracy The idea that people have a say
In whether we should be building windmills Or fracking our lives away
Whether banking regulations Are a good idea or not
Whether the food on your kitchen table Comes from a Monsanto plot
Whether the poor should die Or have affordable medication
Whether human life is less important Than your corporation
Whether this world is a commons Or just a free trade bill
That we need about as much As another oil spill
So let's do like we do in the WC And flush the TPP

They say it'll help the economy And they've said all that before
Like when they implemented NAFTA In 1994
The US lost a million jobs Of this there is no doubt
And in Mexico, small farmers Were almost completely wiped out
And when the refugees started streaming in They were treated just like tools
In the great game of the oligarchs The old divide and rule
Just like JP Morgan said “Why worry,” he laughed
“When I can pay half the working class To kill the other half”

SOPA, PIPA, ACTA They couldn't get them passed
So now they've snuck them all into TPP Try running that one up the mast
In the back rooms no one knows Which corporation speaks
Except when secret documents Get sent to Wikileaks
And it's only from the whistleblowers We even know it's there
One for Asia, one for Europe Free trade everywhere
Free trade, free pollution Freedom for the billionaires
Enslavement for the rest of us But hey, they got theirs


from All the News That's Fit to Sing, released July 1, 2014




David Rovics Portland, Oregon

"Absolutely brilliant. David Rovics says exactly what needs to be said."
Ian McMillan, BBC


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