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I'm a songwriter, blogger and podcaster based in Portland, Oregon. In the modern era of free streaming and expensive rent, I have adapted to the patronage model of survival. I've set this up using various platforms, including Bandcamp.

The patronage concept in a nutshell is simple. For me -- as for so many other musicians, artists, journalists and others that today we often call content creators -- it is no longer possible to make ends meet by some combination of traveling, performing, writing and recording. That economy has largely collapsed, in so many ways. What has, for some of us, made it possible to continue full speed ahead with what we do, is a combination of crowdfunding individual projects, and subscription-style, ongoing patronage from supporters, organized through platforms such as this one.

Mainly what you get in exchange for your support is the knowledge that you are making it possible for me to keep doing what I do. But there are also many different exclusive offerings, only available to patrons, and there will be many more to come!


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    Higher tiers exist, and can involve house concerts and song commissions -- please visit for more options. Thank you!
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