Jock Palfreeman traveled to see friends in Bulgaria
To spend Christmas in their homes, have a night out in Sofia
He was only planning to visit for a short stay
Thirteen years since then, he's never been away
The night that Jock went out with friends, walked past the metro station
The mood suddenly changed from one of celebration
To the sounds of Nazi football hooligans in the streets again
Shouting racist slurs at two Roma men

Most people would keep walking, or find a place to hide
While some among us have to take a side

Jock stood and faced the Nazis marching in the street
He flashed a blade to keep them back, they threw chunks of concrete
Jock fell to the ground, woke up handcuffed, splitting head
That's the time he learned one of his attackers was dead
No one knew quite what happened, but in the police report
They said these men attacked the Roma just like Jock said in the court
The CCTV footage disappeared and then
After it was found, it disappeared again (Chorus)

The forensics examiner said, of the man who lost his life
Clearly he was stabbed, but the wound didn't match the knife
Witness testimony wasn't deemed relevant to the case
In Bulgaria today, that's the justice you might face
Because these particular racists were the sons of the elite
Corruption in the form of a parliamentary seat
A kangaroo court conviction, every tell-tale sign
They plan to beat and starve him until 2029 (Chorus)


from Strangers & Friends, released December 16, 2019




David Rovics Portland, Oregon

"Absolutely brilliant. David Rovics says exactly what needs to be said."
Ian McMillan, BBC


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